Discover all the valid latest codes for banning Simulator in 2019 Roblox to get some gems & coins to buy more new eggs!

All latest Roblox Banning Simulator codes in 2019

Recently, Banning Simulator has made a very huge update, they have added a New Event Egg, added new features where it allows you to hide pets & turn music on or off. Banning Simulator has tons of surprises to keep players busy, for new players, the initial process of gathering coins and gems to upgrade their ban hammer & to buy new eggs. The game has dropped the update with various new codes to get free coins, gems, eggs and other useful items in the game.

List of valid Roblox Banning Simulator Codes

  • AlphaGG: Earn 25M coins & 140 gems (The best-overpowered code in Banning Simulator).
  • NoF00l: Earn 50 gems.
  • B@nS!m: Earn 20 gems.
  • Galazci3: Earn 5 Million Coins and also 50 gems.
  • Release!: Earn 5 Million Coins and also 80 gems.
  • Skr3t: Earn 10 gems.
  • Renewed: Earn 10 Million Coins and 75 gems.
  • Rising: Earn 1,100 gems.
  • HaxBeGone: Earn 1,000 gems.
  • 300kVisits: Earn 2,500 gems.
  • hax: Earn 700 gems.
  • Int3rbite: Earn 50 gems.
  • InsaneSupport: Earn 1,250 gems.
  • SoMuchSupport!: Earn 5 Million Coins and also 75 gems.
  • FrontPage: Earn 1,000 gems.

How to Redeem Codes?

To redeem the codes in Banning Simulator is made very simple. Tap on the twitter icon on the left side of the screen, then put the codes from the list or from the video and press submit.

Secret codes in Banning Simulator?

Recently Kelogish has made a New Banning Simulator video showing all the 5 new secret codes.

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