Enjoying playing Murder Mystery 2 & you looking for all the latest working code list in Season 1?. Roblox Murder Mystery 2 in 2019 have released many new features with new knife codes.

Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) has over 32K players playing today with 6 million favorites. The new features in Murder Mystery 2 are mystery boxes, new pet eggs, brand new maps, new profile tab & more. Quretic has got all the working Twitter codes that can help you gain new skins, new knives, new egg to get pets & other items.

Where to get Working Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Codes?

Murder Mystery 2 Season 1 has 2 ways of getting all the latest working codes. You can get them by going through their:

List of all working Murder Mystery 2 Season 1 Codes in Roblox 2019

Roblox codes for Murder Mystery 2 Season 1:

  • AL3X: Use this code to get Alex knive skin.
  • SUBO: Use this code to get a free Sub knive.
  • D3NIS: Use this code to get a free Denis Knife.
  • CORL: Use this code to get Corl.
  • SK3THC: Use this code to get a Classic Sketchy Weapon.
  • PRISM: Use this code to get a silver Prism Knife.

How to Redeem Murder Mystery 2 Codes in Roblox 2019

Murder Mystery 2 has a different way of redeeming the codes from other games. Murder Mystery 2 does not have a Twitter icon 2 press to. It has an inventory icon. Simply tap Inventory and then on the right bottom side of the Inventory you will see an Enter Code. In entering Code simply put the code from the list or the video & press Redeem.

Hopefully, you found this article useful about all the working codes for Murder Mystery 2 in 2019. Quretic will be updating this when the new codes come out you can also check out The Latest Banning Simulator Codes, Giant Simulator Codes, all Hunting Simulator 2 Codes & Unboxing Simulator codes. These codes are all up to date.