Last Updated on June 5, 2020

Our free Archero Promo Pack Code list has all the working codes to claim that will get you a bunch of free gems, coins, and more rewards! These codes will help you get arrows, energies, and much more from the stores in 2020.


List of all Archero Promo Code List

We will keep this codes list updated for you so come back often to see there is new codes released. Here is a list of all the codes for Archero to redeem:

Achero Promo Codes (Active)

  • YOUTH: Redeem this code to get free 61 Gems, 10 energies and more rewards.

Redeem all the codes before they get expire!.

How to redeem Archero Promo Codes

Entering Archero Promo Pack Codes is an easy process! Once you enter in the android/ios game go to the settings and then press Insert Promo Code that will open up this tab:

How to enter Archero Promo code

Once the tab opens type the codes from the list and hit the claim button to redeem.

NOTE: There is no such cheat code generator, they are scams don’t get fooled. Only the creators of Archero can release promo pack codes.

How to earn more gems & Energies in Archero

There are few smart ways of earning free gems and energies without spending money. Here is a list of how you can get gems faster:

  • Open the game every single day since you get a free supply pack
  • Watch Ads to get gems
  • Level up since it gives you free energies and germs

As we said, redeem the promo code since they may expire soon. You can also join our Discord Server to get more updates.

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