Enjoy playing the best mobile shooting game Call of duty and you looking for the best settings by the top-ranked players in COD including the hud. We believe having better settings will improve your gameplay this includes improving your aim Sensitivity. iFerg the top ranked player in Call of Duty has made a video showing his game settings and the hud control that he uses.

What is the best Call Of Duty Mobile Multiplayer Sensitivity Settings?

The top player iFerg has given out the best sensitivity settings for you for Call of Duty Mobile. Instead of you watching the video we have got you a list of his sensitivity settings. But we still suggest you watch his video. The following settings are split into 2 Camera Settings & Firing Settings that iFerg uses:

COD Mobile Camera Sensitivity Settings

  • Standard sensitivity: 60
  • ADS sensitivity: 88
  • Tactic scope sensitivity: 129
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 72

COD Mobile Fire aim Sensitivity Settings

  • Standard sensitivity: 70
  • ADS sensitivity: 88
  • Tactic scope sensitivity: 120
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 72

Best Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Third Person Sensitivity Settings

We will be also giving you the best settings for Battle Royale Third Person split into 2 sections Camera Sensitivity & Fire Sensitivity. The first person will be the same as the multiplayer settings. The following Sensitivity settings will range, we recommend you to find a suitable one for you.

COD Mobile Battle Royale Third Person Sensitivity Camera Settings

  • Third-person Sensitivity: 75 – 90
  • Turn sensitivity: 60
  • Optics: 80 – 90
  • Tactic scope sensitivity: 70 – 80
  • 3x tactical scope: 50 – 60
  • 4x tactical scope: 45 – 50
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 50

COD Mobile Battle Royale Third Person Sensitivity Fire Settings

  • Third-person Sensitivity: 75
  • Turn sensitivity: 60
  • Optics: 86
  • Tactic scope sensitivity: 75
  • 3x tactical scope: 60
  • 4x tactical scope: 50
  • Sniper scope sensitivity: 45

Battle Royale Vehicle Settings – Call of Duty Mobile

We recommend you to choose something you are very comfortable at driving with I personally prefer using A.

Best Call of Duty Customized Shooting Modes

The following list are all the best Customized shooting modes that iFerg recommended to use:

  • Assault Rifles: Hip
  • SMGs: Hip
  • Shotguns: Hip
  • LMGs: Hip
  • Sniper Rifles: ADS
  • Pistols: Hip

What ADS does in Call of Duty Mobile allows you to aim down your weapon’s scope when you shoot.

Best Call of Duty Mobile HUD Settings

The HUD is also very important when it comes to playing Call of Duty Mobile in November 2019. We would recommend you to see the video for the HUD:

We Quretic hope you have found this Call Of Duty Mobile Settings including the hud video by iFerg Guide very useful.