Last Updated on July 29, 2021

New to Super Fighter Idle a Dragon Ball Idle and you manage to get Early Access but you are looking for all the new gift codes to redeem and get free rewards to claim.

In this post we will be covering how you can redeem the gift exchange codes and show you all the gift codes that are working.


List of all Super Fighter Idle Gift Codes

Here is a full list of all codes for Super Fighter Idle that give you free rewards like free gems and coins.

Redeem all these codes before they get expired and come back to this page to see if there is a new code added to the game since there is new gift code every month.

Super Fighter Idle Gift Codes (Working)

  • qhebjHH – Redeem this code for Gift (NEW)
  • 73cDMahd – Redeem this code for Gift
  • X6AyEGBv – Redeem this code for Gift
  • wayline628 – Redeem this code for Gift

If any of the code seems to not work please let us know in the comments down below so we can go ahead and remove it from the list.

How to redeem Super Fighter Idle Gift Codes?

You can redeem the Gift Codes in the Dragon Ball Idle Game also known as AFK Legend Fightersby entering a Server and following these steps:

  1. Tap on your Profile Avatar on the top left side of the screen
  2. Once you are in the Info Settings look for the Redeem Code and tap on it.
  3. It will open the Reward Redeem Center as you can see from the image
  4. Copy and paste the code from the list and press Exchange to redeem

We will be updating the Gift Codes List once there is a new code added to the game. Here is their Facebook Page where they announce new codes. You can also check more codes from our website.

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This dont work

the code q4PLYFVy is woung the real code is q4PLYFVf

w4tykxfd is expired

This code does not work q4PLYFVy


There’s one called freepull30

w4tykxfd expired
HappyHalloween expired
q4PLYFVy is wrong, the real code is q4PLYFVf but it’s expired
36Aydrmi expired

other work.

Isn’t there any 2021 codes?

FreePull30 is supposed to work for new players but does not

4484Qi8d is a new one

4484iQ8d is the correct one

none of these worked for me

Thats because there’s no uppercase P it’s Freepull30

Top 5 codes have expired

Freepull30 does work