How to add bots in your Discord Server on mobile

How to add bots in your Discord Server on mobile ios android 2019

Discover how you can add bots to your Discord Server on your mobile. Discord a popular chat service specially designed for gamers with over thousands of users around the globe. The Discord app in Android or ios is really easy to use and the cool thing you can make your own server and invite users. Discord allows users to add bots and create bots to help you manage the server and more.

To be able to add bots in your Discord Server you will need Administrator permissions.

How to add bots in Discord Server on mobile in 2019

Adding bots in Discord to your server on mobile is quite simple. All you have to do, is sign into your Discord account in a mobile browser. Then find a bot you willing to add

  1. Find the bot you want to add: There are many different bots you can use Carbonitex or Discordbots.
  2. Add bot in your Discord Server: Press Invite or Add Bot to Server on the bot you want to add to your Discord it will redirect you to Discord.
  3. Select a server on Discord: You will be redirected to Discord when you press add bot to the server, in there you pick a server you want to add.
  4. Tap Authorize. There will be a blue button in the right bottom corner of your screen. This button will authorize the bot and add it to the selected server.

Video on how to adds bots in your Discord server in any mobile devices

Galaxy ! goes through how you can add Discord bots to any devices it can be in an android or ios. They both are the same process.

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