Wondering what’s the best strategy to hunt and defeat the Special monster called Phantom Knight In Lords Mobile? Quretic knows it all!

What you’ve been doing wrong so far!

How to defeat Phantom Knight in Lords Mobile

The Phantom Knight is part of a special Lords Mobile event called the Phantom Pains which lasts around 2-3 days. Phantom Knights spawn every few hours, 3 monsters at a time in a Kingdom. What special about the Phantom Knight is they are going to drop some really awesome rewards like massive Research Speeds Ups, Holy Stars, and Gold!

Look for the monster

The Phantom Knight drops randomly on the Kingdom map. There will be an announcement on the News page when it drops.

The best approach is to divide your Guild and have everyone search around all the Forts and the Base outwards. That would help your Guild secure the monster for yourselves. Keep an eye out on the Kingdom Chat as the location of the Phantom Knight is often shared as they are discovered. However, if you or your Guild manage to come across one, you might want to keep the location to yourselves. All that matters is how well you work as a team.


You want to defeat the Phantom Knight. Once you found the Phantom Knight, relocate next to it and hit it! Now here’s the most important tip I am going to give to you today. When hunting the Phantom Knight, you want to do everything opposite to what you do when hunting a normal monster. Get the worst gear for your monster stats but you want to have good travel speed. Hit with only one hero, preferably your weakest. And hit with maximum possible DMG boost that you have.

Now here is why. The Phantom Knight is a very strong monster and gives insane rewards. You want to hit it as many times as possible. Each hit will give you similar rewards no matter how many heroes you use. However, this allows the monster to live longer, thus giving you better and more rewards.

Unless enemy guilds are hitting it, you want the monster to live as long as possible and get as many hits as possible. The alliance chest is nowhere near as valuable as the gifts you get from each hit. By using the DMG Boost multiplier, you decrease the number of Hunts in a Row and therefore decrease the bonus % in order to make the monster last longer.

Now if your guild has a different strategy, and you want to kill the Phantom Knight as quickly as possible to secure it for yourself, I will note that they are most vulnerable to AGI heroes. Wear the full monster gear and hunt away!

Whatever your strategy is, go out there and hunt one! Good luck finding the monster amidst the thick arrows leading to it.


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