Last Updated on June 5, 2020


Guide to watch movies or series on the PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Welcome to the PS4 guide on how you can watch movies or TV series in 2020.

In this guide, I am going to show all the possibilities of playing movies on PS4 through USB Drives, Blu-Rays, downloading streaming apps.

You can use your Sony Play Station 4 not only for gaming but used for much more such as watching your favorite movies or TV shows during this lockdown.

There are many different methods of playing movies on the internet and without on PS4.

How to watch DVD Blu-ray movies without internet

This is the easiest method and a way of watching movies without the internet on your PS4. Therefore it supports movie discs on both DVD and blue-ray just like PS3. Watch the following video where Spllitz shows you how you can play movies on your Play Station 4.

How to watch movies using USB

This method is not hard as it looks if you follow the instructions which require you to have a USB and a Media Player. To do so download a movie that you want to watch from the computer then create a folder named videos in the USB flash drive and then upload the favorite movie or series episodes on the folder that you want to watch on your PS4 offline. Watch the following video if you are still struggling:

How to watch 4K movies on PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro is compatible with 4K Movies but this method only works with USB or streaming app since the optical drive is not compatible with 4K Blu-ray.

You can also purchase Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console – Black (PS4 Pro) if you don’t have one that is really cheap from Amazon with 1TB.

How to watch streaming movies and TV series

This streaming method requires you to have internet so make sure you are connected via WiFi or through a network cable. That is not only it make sure you have a PSN operating account to access the PlayStation Store so you can download third-party applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube in order to play the selected TV Series or movies.

Stream Movies or TV Series in Netflix

Netflix the most popular famous series and movies services in 2020. To watch the movie or show in Play Station 4 download the Netflix app from PS Store which is free but the plans cost around £5.99. Click here to see the Netflix Plans.

Play Movies or TV Series in Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also one of the most popular services that provide famous TV shows and movies. Watching the movies from Amazon Prime Video also requires you to have an internet connection.

How to watch movies and series stream

You can download Amazon Prime from the PS Store. After that, you can sign in with your Amazon account and start watching movies and series.

Get your Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial and unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows.

Watch YouTube Movies or Series on PS4

Very familiar with YouTube? They also have a wide range of YouTube Movies and shows that you can watch in your PlayStation 4 by renting or buying them or sometimes you can get them for free!.

I am guessing you already have YouTube in your PS4 if not you can get it from the PS Store and watch with your friends together!

How to watch movies in virtual reality

PlayStation VR device offers the possibility to watch a much higher level of immersion movies or series in VR format. To do so make sure you have a streaming app downloaded from the PS Store that allows you to watch on a big screen like a theatre.

Is the end of the guide. I really hope it has helped you watch movies from your PS4 and enjoy it with your family and friends!. You can also check our website if you are interested in game guides.