Last Updated on November 1, 2020

Enjoy playing Lootboy a new app for gamers and you looking for all new working codes that give free diamond, coin, gem, and more in 2020. We have got you a list of Lootboy codes that gives free diamonds gems and coins.

Lootboy recently updated with new free LootPacks, different item codes with more perks in the Android/ios game!. Quretic has got you a list of free coins, diamonds/diamanten, gems codes that are working to buy premium lootpacks.


Find new working Lootboy codes

There are many ways to find new working Lootboy codes that give free diamonds, gems, and coins in 2020 as a reward. You can get them from:

How to redeem gem, diamond, coins code in Lootboy?

Lootboy codes are not really hard to redeem in 2020. To redeem the codes you have to go to the official Website then click on the upper left 3 lines code button and then simply write the code from the list and redeem the code.

List of all free Diamonds, gems, coins working codes in Lootboy 2020

The following list is all the Lootboy working codes with a different section of diamonds, coins, comic codes.

  • Halloween6: 2,000 Coins and 5 Gems
  • Ween: 1,000 Coins and 5 Gems
  • H4LL0W33N: 5 Gems
  • WEEVOTE: 1,000 Coins

Lootboy Codes – Diamonds/Diamanten

  • LoadoutGG: 1000 coins and 5 diamonds/diamanten
  • Dropzone: Redeem this code for 1000 coins and 6 diamonds.
  • totssfweek3: Redeem this code for 2000 coins and 5 diamonds.
  • psycho: This code gives free 10 Diamonds with 2,00 coins.
  • BroxDia: This code gives free 5 Diamonds.
  • SundayGG: This code gives free 10 Diamonds.
  • season10start: This code gives free 20 Diamonds.

Lootboy Codes – Coins

  • STOPMYSOGNY: 1,000 coins
  • 150: 1,000 coins
  • ROLAND: This code gives you free 1,000 coins.
  • Discord500: This code gives free 500 coins as a reward.
  • Welcome500: This code gives free 500 coins as a reward.
  • SundayGG: This code gives free 1,000 coins as a reward.
  • CATHERINE: This code gives free 1,000 coins as a reward.
  • LORDSMOBILE4EVA: This code gives free 1,000 coins as a reward.

Ways to get free Diamonds and coins without cheat codes

There are 3 ways to get free gem, diamond, coin without cheat codes in October 2020. The followings ways are just tricks of getting them inside the game by playing LootBoy.

  • There is always a new comic on Friday so make sure you read them all.
  • Special golden lootpack: Open 10 Premium lootpack to get the special Golden lootpack but you need diamonds and coins to open the premium packs.

Hopefully you found this article very useful about how you can get and redeem free promo cheat codes that give free diamond/diamanten, gem, coins in Lootboy.