Last Updated on October 21, 2020

Looking for ways to get free Gems in PK XD without spending some real money?

In this guide we will be covering ways to earn gems to buy awesome bundles in PK XD.

How to get free Gems in PK XD Guide

And NO Human Verification is required in fact they are a very common scams that promise to give you tons of free gems or unlimited by using a hack generator or take surveys. Stay away from them since is a waste of time.


Guide on How to Get Free Gems in PK XD

Here is a list of ways of getting free Gems including some coins without spending any money. Keep in mind Surprise boxes may give you some Gems.

Arcade MiniGames

How to get free Gems in PK XD from Arcade MiniGames

You can get some gems in PK XD by playing 5 Arcade Minigames. There are plenty of fun games this includes:

  • Crazy Run
  • Pet Parade

Collect Fruits

Another method of getting free Gems and coins is by collecting fruits to get free Mystery crates.

Collect Fruits to get Gems and coins in PK XD

This place is near the Arcade where you have to go up to a Juices Robot and will give you a task to bring a few amount of different fruits in a short of time to claim the Mystery Crate and coins.

Claiming Daily Rewards

Log in to the game often to claim the free rewards since they give out free surprise boxes in the 5th day and it may include some Gems in them.

Explore the City

Go around the map, there are some hidden places that gives you some surprises boxes that includes free Gems and Coins. Jump on top of the Juices Tower to get quick 10 Gems.

I hope these Guide tips for PK XD to gain free Gems have helped you gain some more gems. If you keep it consistent you will gain more.

If you play Roblox check out our Roblox Codes List to get free stuff in the games.

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Thank you


what am I suppose to do?

Hi can I join and be rich

I want to be rich in pkxd

I need gems








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I want more gems like 999999999999

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Helpful but they are a little less coins and watch a ad for 500 coins


I would like gems to be 9999999 or more, please

🙂 my Name ist Wolfi


I want many gems

I need free gems no human vertication