The Default Ride Out Heroes settings are fairly easy to use in 2019. This Settings guide we are giving out it will help you optimize your sensitivity to help you aim better and change your HUD controls.

Ride Out Heroes Battle Royale is made by NetEase Games. In the game, your objective is to choose heroes of different classes with skills and use them against the enemies in Ride Out Heroes. This Android game is currently in Beta.

What are the best settings for Ride Out Heroes?

Wondering what is the best setting for Ride Out Heroes? We will give the best settings used by the Top Beta Tester Players. In this video, the Youtuber goes through all his settings including his best strategies of playing this game. If you don’t want to watch the video, scroll down for the settings.

Ride Out Heroes Best Sensitivity Settings

The following list is all the Best sensitivity settings with different sensitivity sections in the game:

Character Sensitivity

  • Vertical Sensitivity: 70
  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 70

Scope Sensitivity

  • Sight Vertical Sensitivity: 72
  • Sight Horizontal Sensitivity: 72
  • Extra Scope Sensitivity: x2.45

Vehicle Sensitivity

  • Vehicle Slide Screen Sensitivity: 76

Vision Sensitivity

  • Vertical Sensitivity: 82
  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 82

Gyro Sensitivity

  • Gyro Sensitivity: x1.00

Best Ride Out Heroes HUD Controls Settings

These Ride Out Heroes HUD settings are applicable. You’ll need only three fingers to use the HUD recommended by the Youtuber, and we’ve put a screenshot from the video of his HUD. We suggest you watch the video also to have more ideas of this HUD.

The Best Ride Out Heroes HUD controls in 2019

That’s all for our Best Settings for Ride Out Heroes guide including HUD and sensitivity. If you have more questions or willing to give content ideas please contact us. If you play Call Of Duty Mobile, we suggest you try our Best Call of Duty Mobile Settings by iferg.