Discover all the Base Raiders codes in Roblox. Full list of new working codes in July 2019 that will give you crates, droppers, cash, stones, boosts such as Speed & more.

Base Raiders mission is to build your own base, purchase traps to protect your base with, purchase intuitive things to play around with, attack different bases, wreck different bases. Take their money!. Roblox Base Raiders in 2019 is significantly more fun than the first form and battle recreations. There is significantly more stuff you can do in the game.

Where to find new working Base Builder Codes in July

There are 2 ways to find new codes in 2019 July. You can find Roblox Base Builder Codes though their following social media:

How to redeem the following active valid codes?

To redeem the following codes in Base Raiders first tab the Shop button in the right screen, then go to the settings tab, scroll down till you see Redeem Codes. In that box put the codes from the list & press redeem.

List of Base Raiders Code that are available in July 2019

  • basket: This code gives 1 stones basket as a reward.
  • base: This code gives 10,000 cash as a reward.
  • LOWGRAV: This code gives a free Low Gravity Giver as a reward.
  • Yellow: This code gives a Banana Dropper as a reward
  • EXTRAHEALTH: This code to get free 1 Health Increase Boost as a reward.
  • uncommon: This code gives an uncommon crate as a reward.
  • DISCORAID: This code gives 1 Speed Increase Boost as a reward.
  • HAPPY: This code to get free 2,500 cash as a reward.
  • 10m: This new code gives 1 rare crate as a reward.

Hopefully, you found these codes useful. Quretic will be updating this when the new codes come out. Check out all up to date useful working codes: