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Have you been trying for some time to defeat the boss but keep on dying on Anime Fighting Simulator? Well, you are in the right place.

This guide will give you tips and tricks on how to defeat bosses and make it easier for you to get their boss drops. You can also get


Where to Find Bosses in Anime Fighting Simulator?

There are currently a total of 3 boss locations spread between 3 dimensions. Here is a list of dimension bosses.

  • Dimension 1: Kurama
  • Dimension 2: Broly
  • Dimension 3: Beast King.

In order to go to Dimension 2 & 3, you have to go Titans Island, if you dont know where it is locate the red bridge. Once you see the red bridge, run in a straight line to nomu. When you get to Nomu cross to the next island and go through the portals that will teleport you to the dimensions.

Note: All the bosses target the nearest person. Keep that in mind when you are attacking one of the bosses from the list.

List of all Boss in Anime Fighting Simulator


Kurama Moveset

  • A medium ranged swipe that deals damage
  • A slam that knocks you away
  • Slow long-ranged tailed beast bomb


The most optimal way to beat this boss is to jump and use abilities that suspend you in the air for a long time. These include all the Kurama boss drops, Kamehameha, meteor blast from Broly. If you are not playing solo but with a team, we suggest you use these abilities:

  • Yuno’s grimoire
  • Eto shards
  • Long-ranged projectile such as devil fruit projectiles
  • Made in heaven’s universe reset
  • Deku’s c move.

Training to defeat Kurama Boss

The most crucial stats that you need to train is agility and speed as other stats don’t affect anything.

Kurama Boss Drops

Here is a list of drops that the boss Kurama release in Anime fighting Simulator:

  • Rasenshuriken
  • Tailed beast ball
  • Multiple Bomb Rasenshuriken.

Note: If you battle the boss solo watch for the tailed beast bomb that kurama periodically throws at you. You just need to wait till after he uses the tailed beast ball and hit him with abilities from afar. 


The Broly boss is really fast which will be tough for you beating the boss on the ground unless there are other players.

Roblox Broly Anime Fighting Simulator boss

Broly Moveset

Boss Broly has an ability where he channels energy into himself, bursts it out and a fast, almost unavoidable beam.

Tactics to defeat Broly

The tactics are similar to Kurama. When Broly channels energy, it is pretty easy to avoid as it is an area around him. The beam is almost unavoidable. To avoid it, you have to use Soru to teleport before the beam hits you.

Training to defeat the Broly boss

It is crucial to train your speed and pretty crucial to train your agility. This will help you defeat the boss in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator.

Broly Boss Drops

Here is a list of drops that Broly release:

  • Meteor Shower
  • Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Energy Burst
  • Energy Barrage.


Kaido Moveset

  • He has a bite that has a decent range.
  • His first ranged ability is a lightning bolt move. Each one deals pretty low damage but when you get hit by multiple times it causes more damage. 
  • His last ranged ability is an orange beam that deals with a medium amount of damage and does it instantly. To avoid the beam, you just need to watch out for when he rears his head back.

Tactics to defeat Boss Kaido

Being in mid-air isn’t a good option as his lighting or his beam could easily hit you. We suggest you wait until the beam or the lighting bolts finish before going in midair and use long duration moves. Also, use the recommended abilities from Kurama if you are doing it in a group of people. 

Boss Drops

  • Barrier
  • Conquerors Haki
  • Blade Whirlwind.

Additional Info

  • Every single boss has a very low chance to drop a 1.5x server boost for one hour. They also drop yen and chikara shards.
  • Every time you complete tier 5, which is the hardest tier, the next tiers will give you a 3x chance of drop for powers and for server boosts.
  • The more people there are in a boss fight, the more health a boss has. Try to play in a VIP server with competent people. 
  • Bosses also have a chance to drop their abilities even if you die or when time runs out.
  • Everyone’s damage is the same. For example, a 1 QD player who uses Rasen shuriken will deal with the same amount of damage as a 1 million player using Rasen shuriken. Everyone’s health is also the same

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– Guytensei

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