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This is the guide for grimoire’s inside the game Anime Fighting Simulator. Grimoires are from the anime, Black Clover. They are books that are filled with spells that wielders accumulate over time. This guide will hopefully teach you how to become better at using your grimoire including the stats and some tips!.

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How many Grimoires are in Anime Fighting Simulator?

There is currently 3 Grimoire in the Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator here is a list:

  • Noelle’s grimoire
  • Yuno’s Grimoire
  • Asta’s Grimoire (Best)

How to get a Grimoire in Roblox Anime fighting simulator

Follow these steps to get a Grimoire in Anime Fighting Simulator

  1. Open the Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator game
  2. Go to Dimension one, the red bridge.
  3. Then, you walk all the way to the end of the red bridge.
  4. Walk to the direction of Saitama Gym
  5. Go past the gym to the library where the death note is at
  6. Behind the Library is a tower with a wizard and you buy a grimoire there.
  7. An alternate way of finding the tower is to locate Zoro and walk/run towards the direction he is facing
  8. Grimoire’s cost one thousand chikara shards. You could get duplicates and if you get a less rare grimoire, you get 200 chikara shards back.

Rarities of each Grimoire

  • The most common one, Noelle’s grimoire, has a 76.92 percent chance of getting it
  • Yuno’s has a 15.38 percent chance of being obtained
  • The rarest grimoire and the best is Asta’s grimoire has a 7.69 percent chance of getting in Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator Grimoire Stats List Guide

Here is a list of Grimoires in Anime Fighting sim that you can get with their stats.

Noelle’s Grimoire (Chakra)

Anime Fighting Simulator Noelle's Grimoire
  • Sea Dragon’s Water Orbs-shoots a small and relatively fast spherical ball of water toward your cursor and travels a long distance. 25x scaling
  • Sea Dragon’s Roar-Manifests a dragon head and a bit of the body which has a medium size hitbox and is pretty slow towards your cursor. 50x scaling
  • Valkyrie Dress-Surrounds your avatar with a water armor and creates a lance made out of water. Dashes forward to where you are looking which causes big damage. 70x scaling

Additional Info

  • 76.92 Chance of obtaining which is the common one.
  • Great starting Grimoire that has really good scaling even though it is the most common one. Has the most scaling out of all the grimoires.
  • Sea Dragon’s Water Orbs is a tricky move to use as it needs precise aim and timing. You also have to take into account your opponent’s moving patterns and aim at where you think they will move to. 
  • Sea Dragon’s Roar is easy to use since it has a pretty big hitbox to it. The scaling of this move is really good also. This move can easily be countered by Asta’s Grimoires z and c abilities because of how slow it is. Really good for boss fights if the boss is standing in the same position.
  • Valkyrie Dress is not a really useful move that you mostly will not be using. If your opponent is fighting close combat with you, you could use this move to finish them off or deal a pretty big amount of damage. Keep in mind that this move has a long windup time

Yuno’s Grimoire (Strength)

Anime Fighting Simulator Yuno's Grimoire Roblox
  • Gale White Bow-Shoots out 5 arrows in a horizontal pattern toward your cursor over a long distance. 25x scaling
  • Spirit Storm-Small windup and then creates an instantaneous cylinder-shaped beam toward your mouse. 35x scaling
  • Tornado Fang-Shoots a horizontally positioned tornado that when it hits someone, it blows them backward and deals damage. 40x scaling.

Additional Info

  • 15.38% chance of getting Yuno’s Grimoire.
  • All moves have good hitboxes and decent scaling. 
  • Gale White Bow is an upgraded version of Noelle’s Sea Dragon’s Water Orbs. It has a more horizontal reach than the orb and the same amount of scaling but it scales to strength instead of chakra. 
  • Spirit Storm is like Sea Dragon’s Roar but faster. Being that it is faster, it sacrifices some scaling which makes it deal less damage. It is extremely good for boss fights as you could just spam this move from the sidelines and deal really good damage even if you only use this move.
  • Tornado Fang is great for when you want some space from your opponents if they are coming to close. It is also useful if you want them to go farther away so you could use long-ranged attacks on them. 

Asta’s Grimoire (Strength)

Roblox Best Asta's Grimoire Anime Fighting Simulator
  • First Sword-Summons a sword that swings in front of you and creates a sphere around you that blocks any grimoire damage. 20x scaling
  • Second Sword-Charges up the sword that visually indicates that you are doing the move, and then fires a straight beam toward your cursor. 30x scaling
  • Third Sword-Summons your sword and slams it onto the ground which deals area damage around you. This move also reflects any grimoire damage that comes toward you. 35x scaling.

Additional Info

  • 7.69% chance of getting the best Asta’s Grimoire in Anime Fighting Simulator.
  • Very useful grimoire which can pretty effectively nullify any other grimoires attacks and sneak your own attacks in if you are good enough.
  • Has 2 moves that nullify other grimoire damage and one of them even deflects the damage back to the person.
  • First Sword is mostly only used to deflect grimoire damage as the swing from the sword has really pitiful range.
  • The second Sword is your ranged ability. It isn’t really that good as it takes too long to charge and has a really thin hitbox. It can be useful if you know your opponent’s movement patterns
  • The third Sword is similar to the first sword except that it actually has a radius of hitbox that can effectively hit people. It can also be used to reflect grimoire damage if you see your opponent taking out their grimoire. 

Tips for Anime Fighting Simulator Grimoire

  • The amount each move does to bosses is the scaling numbers.
  • Use 9 on your keyboard to activate it.
  • Cannot summon if you already have another special out.
  • For mobile, you summon it by pressing the grimoire button.


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