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Having trouble playing and understanding A Bizarre Day in Roblox? Are you stuck in a situation in which you have no idea what to do or where to go in the game?

Are you also having a hard time understanding the mechanics and information of the game?

We have all been there. You get introduced to a new Roblox game (either by friends or by finding it on the front page), and you are interested to find out more about it. But maybe because the game does not have an in-depth tutorial or there is just too little information on how to play, you are now stuck in a sticky situation of playing a game you know nothing about.

But do not fear, because this beginner’s guide has got you covered, as it contains all the basic information you need to know about this “JoJo Themed Roblox Game”, named A Bizarre Day.


Introduction to A Bizarre Day

As you should know by now, A Bizarre Day is based on an Anime/Manga Series called “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.

However, you do not need to know much about JoJo’s to play A Bizarre Day (ABD). All you need to know is that in JoJo, there are entities or spirits called “stands”, with each of these stands having different users controlling it and with each stand having its unique abilities.

Now, similar to JoJo, ABD also has stands from the series, with each stand having its own abilities based on the manga’s representation of each individual stand. And since ABD is a fighting game, each player has the ability to control and fight with whatever stand they have.

Now let us get into the first steps you should take while playing ABD.

The First Steps of ABD

When you first load into the game, you should explore the map and get familiar to its surroundings before doing anything else.

Now, instead of listening to the Tutorial Pot Head that gives you pretty vague information, the first steps you should REALLY take when playing ABD is to memorize the spawn locations of items, as those are what grants you the ability of stands.

Here is a full map of where items spawn across the map, or the spawn locations of items around the map:

a bizarre day spawn Spawn locations tier list guide

Now that you know where things spawn, you should get familiar to some of the items.

A bizarre Day – Items

Items are tools that can be used in A bizarre Day. Items can either be obtained when they spawn in different locations or be bought from the shop. Certain items can give/evolve an ability, change the appearance of stands, while some can remove these items.

Upon first join, you will be greeted with a Standless Ability, the Standless Ability is the beginner ability that every new player gets when joining for the first time.

In order to gain a new ability or stand, you must use the different items located across the map.  

These are the main items you need to obtain your first and most basic ability/stand:


Arrows can be used on Standless to gain what players call “Arrow Stands” they are easy to find around the map. Usually, Arrow Stands are not as valuable as Other Stands/Specs. The arrow can be used by clicking with the left mouse button (M1) while it is equipped. Do note that you cannot use another arrow while having an already active stand.

Rokakaka Fruit

Rokakaka Fruits, also known as just Fruits, can be used on any ability,  as it resets it back to Standless. They are easy to find around the map. To eat the Rokakaka fruit, you need to equip the item and click the “Yes” button. If you don’t want to eat it, you can either unequip the item or click the “No” button.

DIO’s Diary:

Can be used to obtain the variations of Over Heaven stands, like The World (Over Heaven).

Requiem Arrow

The Requiem Arrow can be used to achieve Requiem stands, like Gold Experience Requiem, a requiem variant of Gold Experience.


Some items can even be used to obtain/buy other items. One of the game’s features is the item giving system that players can give another player item(s).

There is another feature that the players can store up to 3 items in the player bank. This bank can be opened by clicking the “bank” button on your bottom left corner.

A bizarre Day – Bosses

Bosses are special NPCs that act as enemies to the player. These types of enemies are harder to defeat compared to normal players. However, they are rewardful with Crucial Items that they drop when defeated. Bosses have special abilities different from other NPCs.

Roblox A bizarre Day bosses guide

(In order of appearance from top left to bottom right: Funny Valentine, DIO, Dio Brando, Vampiric Minions)

Below are some of the current bosses/enemy NPCs that resides in the game:



  • Spawn at DIO’s coffin every 1 hour.
  • Has 1500 base HP, increasing by 200 for each player in the server.
  • Has a base despawn time of 35 seconds, which increases by 5 for each player in the server.


  • Vampire Mask 100%.
  • DIO’s Diary 60%.
  • Camera 10%.

Dio Brando

NOTE: This is NOT DIO, but Dio Brando.


  • Spawns in the sewers.
  • Has 1000 base HP and regeneration.
  • Spawns every 10 seconds (unless one is already present).
  • Despawns every two minutes.


  • 97% chance to drop a Banknote.
  • 3% chance to drop a Vampire Mask.

Vampiric Minions


  • Spawns in the sewers alongside Dio Brando.
  • Has 300 base HP and regenerates health at an unknown rate.
  • Spawns every 10 seconds. (unless a minion is already there)
  • Despawns every two minutes.
  • Vampiric Minion 1 has a 25% chance to spawn as a Strong Vampire.


  • 75% chance to drop Water.
  • 20% chance to drop a Banknote.
  • 5% chance to drop nothing.

Funny Valentine


  • Spawns in the soccer field.
  • Spawns every 45 minutes.
  • Base despawn every 35 seconds. (Increases with every player on the server)


  • 15% chance to drop a Holy Corpse.
  • 85% chance to drop Banknotes.

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hey guys william afton here, and this beginners website idea is really cool, but i think it could have more added to it, like how to get some items like a requiem arrow. it would also be nice to see all the commands like !trade and !check since they’re useful for people beginning to try to understand the trading system in game and to prevent scamming. it would also be great to explain some general concepts of the game, like time stop. that might be a little too specific, but it could help. also explain the basics of player v… Read more »