Last Updated on December 3, 2021

Enjoy playing Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator but you are looking to step up your game, improve your pet inventory value, trade the desirable rare pet, and more. Check out our list of the estimated value list to get an idea of how to win or lose the trade.

Bubble Gum Simulator has been popular for months. The trading system in the Roblox Simulator games makes it more exciting because of how many different pets are there to trade for your inventory. Limited and Secret Pets in the game makes it even more fun to trade. This estimated Value list Chart guide will help you get the desirable limited or non-limited pets for your inventory by trading the pets you have hatched.

Disclaimer: The following Value List is estimated by Bubble Gum Simulator YouTubers such as AlphaGG, Kelogish, and other traders with a valuable inventory. And the Value list is not created by the Developers of the game is made by fans.


Bubble Gum Simulator Value List

The following Value list is based on the number of pets hatched and is used as the demand to determine the final value of the pet.

List of Most Valued Bubble Gum Sim Pets

Here is a list of 10 top valuable pets in the Roblox BGS Simulator:

  1. Giant Robot: 500000% Value (The rarest pet only 7 exist in BGS)
  2. Leviathan: 300000% Value
  3. Dementor: 80000% Value

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BGS Limited Legendary Pets

BGS Secret Non Limited and Limited pets

AlphaGG & Kelogish Value List

Here is a video from AlphaGG explaining how their value list works with his friend Kelo:

Link to the Official AlphaGG Spreadsheet: to see more in-depth information.

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