Last Updated on October 28, 2020

New to Clicking Fantasy a Roblox Simulator that was recently released and you are looking for all the codes to get free pets, gems, and clicks then you are in the right place!

On this post, we will be covering how you can redeem the codes in Clicking Fantasy and we will keep the codes list updated as soon as there are new code released.


List of all Roblox Clicking Fantasy Codes

We will keep the list up-to-date, come back often to check if there is a new code added to the Roblox Game. Be careful when entering these codes, because they are case sensitive.

Clicking Fantasy Codes (Working)

Here is a list of all the active codes:

  • 3MVISITS: Free Pet (NEW)
  • UPDATE13: Free Rewards (NEW)
  • SECRETEGG: Free Rewards (NEW)
  • DISCORDLUCK: Free Rewards
  • UPDATE12: Free Rewards
  • XBOX: Free Rewards
  • IMPOSTER: Free Rewards
  • IMPOSTERPET: Free op Pet
  • UPDATE11: Free Rewards
  • 1MEVENT: Free Reward
  • UPDATE9: Free Reward
  • FREEPET: Free Pet
  • UPDATE8: Free Gems
  • 500KVISITS: Free Reward
  • UPDATE7: 7,000 Gems
  • UPDATE6: 6,000 Gems
  • TRADING: 25,000 Clicks
  • FREECLICKS: 2x free click boost for 12 hours
  • FREELUCK: 2x free luck boost for 12 hours
  • CDTVPET: Redeem this code for free CDTV Pet
  • UPDATE4: 4,000 Gems
  • 15KMEMBERS: 15,000 Clicks
  • ROBOT: 5,000 Gems
  • UPDATE3: 3,000 Gems
  • EVENT: 5,000 Clicks
  • 10KMEMBERS: 10,000 Clicks
  • UPDATE2: 2,500 Gems
  • 7KMEMBERS: 7,000 Clicks
  • CANDYWORLD: 8,500 Clicks
  • BOOSWORLD: 7,500 Clicks
  • UPDATE1: Redeem this code for free reward
  • 2KMEMBERS: Redeem this code for free reward
  • Release: Redeem this code for free 500 Gems
  • RussoTalks: Redeem this code for free Russo Pet
  • Cam: Redeem this code for free 1,000 Clicks
  • Icey: Redeem this code for free 1,000 Clicks

How to redeem Clicking Fantasy Codes?

Redeeming Clicking Fantasy codes is a very simple process, follow these 3 easy steps to redeem the code:

  1. Join Clicking Fantasy Server
  2. Once you are in the server click on the Twitter Bird icon in the left side of the screen, this will open a black codes tab
  3. In the codes tab, simply put the code from the list and click Submit to redeem!

If any of the code seems to not work please let us know in the comments down below so we can go ahead and remove it from the list.

Other Roblox Game Codes:

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