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By: XxFireOwlxX (Itachi Uchiha#9591)

Have you been playing Roblox Shinobi Life 2 and cannot seem to figure out how people are getting 500 spins and levelling up to rank S3 fast when you are stuck in the lower ranks?

Well then, this guide is right for you! This guide will go over:


How to Level Up Fast

So, in order to level up fast, reach that rank S3 quickly in Shinobi Life 2, there is a certain protocol you must follow which will ensure you get that sweet EXP in a short amount of time.

First, make sure you are in the Leaf Village because it is the best for gaining EXP since quests are the closest.

A noobie mistake is farming logs. Farming logs may seem good because it is an easy, braindead way of getting exp but the amount you get from logs gets so insignificant when you reach higher levels it takes incredibly long to level up.

Now, that does not mean the logs are completely useless. The logs are what you will want to be hitting overnight and when you cant be on. Whenever you are on you should absolutely be doing green scroll quests.

Do not bother with the blue and orange quests because those won’t level up your KG and give less exp. When you are doing green scroll quests make sure you have really hard-hitting damage dealing genkais, remember that the objective is to get the quest done as fast as possible so use everything you got on the NPCs and make sure you use a mode or jin (if you have one) to run to the quest and back.

Now, there is a method which is the ABSOLUTE FASTEST way to get EXP, but it does require you to have a group of 3-4 people. Here is the process:

  1. Get a group of people
  2. Make a squad by saying !squad in chat and then invite your friends by saying !inv [friends name]
  3. Have friends accept the squad invite by saying !acc [your name] in chat
  4. Have one friend in the north, one in the west and one in the east of the leaf village these friends should be the three with the highest level
  5. The fourth person must be inside the leaf village. This person should be the lowest level in the group
  6. The person inside the leaf village accepts a quest
  7. Whoever is closer to the quest completes the quest
  8. Everyone gets the exp for the quest
  9. Repeat steps 6-7

That is the fastest method of leveling, it is also possible to do it with 3 people if the two people outside the village can cover the outside effectively. Also if you join the SL Wikia Discord ( they have over 200 private servers so you don’t get interrupted while farming.

How to farm and get spins

Farming spins can be a hassle, there really is no quick way of farming them but there is a process you can follow when playing the game that will earn you a large amount of spins over time.

  1. As soon as you log in do your daily quests, getting these all done will reward a lot of spins. Press L to see the list
  2. Focus on leveling, every time you rank up you get a large number of spins
  3. Join the RELLGames Discord, there you can find the codes which they release that reward spins or alternatively check our Shindo Life code list
  4. Check the Codes page of the SL2 Wikia to see what codes are usable and which are expired as well as how they are

If you make sure to follow these steps you should be getting spins quickly. Also, remember to only spin when you have 80+ spins as the 80th spin is guaranteed to be a rare genkai.

How to level up Kekkei Genkai and Jins

Kekkei Genkai is your clan abilities.

They are what you rolled for when editing your character and are also what you should be mainly using for PvP and farming.

That is why it is important that you learn how to level them up as you unlock more moves with higher levels. This also will apply to Jins which are also known as the legendary Tailed Beasts.

Farming the KG and Jins it is crucial you stick to doing green scroll quests.

Don’t bother with logs unless you are sleeping and want to leave an auto click overnight or if you are out of the house and want to leave an autoclick on.

The green scroll quests will ensure you are getting multiple levels fast and will guarantee you that you also get player EXP as well. It is important that you know that this will take effort, there isn’t a quick KG leveling up trick you will have to grind for them.

Check these Guides and Code list that you will find it helpful:

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Nice thanks for the info

This was good and useful thanks a lot m8

Awesome guide!


Pretty cool guide it helped me a lot

Great tips! Really helps. And that’s my Chinese name if you’re wondering.

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nice guide

epic tips, I got s5 in a week

ngl i find doing green scroll quests is extremely slow. playing war mode gives alot more lvls imo

and is war gone now? bc my frend told me it is and, is ten tails scroll chance 1/80, bc last time i checked it was 1/30

Last edited 3 years ago by mynameboi

tbh im not sure if i even want like kurama bc i have adurite shizen already smh and also it has rlly gud buffs for its second mode: one thing i rlly rlly need is to have like a lvl 1000 grab quests and do them bc it gives like 20 lvl to me and also a lvl 50 or 100 can also do the trick but it only gives one level as a result of rarely 32000 dmg

also what has more exp boss or green scroll? i think green scroll bc bosses do take in multiple hits but my newest bloodline would get only ten lvls for like 10 bosses

thanks for the info bro 🙂

after V1-V3 will be X1-X3

Nice but war is better than green scrolls i think

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Why cant i rank up to max 1