Last Updated on March 18, 2023


Guide to make your Roblox game very popular and get it into the front page

Roblox is a huge market to make some potential revenue and make a living out of it. Making a successful popular game requires you to have creativity, hard work, and understand what game works well.

Getting a game published from Studio in Roblox is easy but making it to the front page is not easy as it looks unless your game gets bots which is totally what you don’t want.

You know what I am talking about, sometimes there are terrible games popping up on the front page that has over 10K Players playing and you believe you can make a better game than what you see.

This guide will show you how you can get your game to the Popular front page in 2023.

Create games for engagement

Creating a Roblox game for engagement is the most important factor to keep in mind. Keep that in mind when you are in Roblox Studio.

Make your game grinding, challenging if not the players will not feel pushed to improve. Your game has to be progressive where the players get achievements, rewards for small tasks that keep them going. Let’s use Bubble Gum Simulator as an example

How to make your game popular on roblox front page

In this screenshot see that there are many crates to earn some prizes for hatching eggs and bubbles. Making a progressive game with small achievements will help you get players to play for longer and come back to the game to finish the prizes.

Notice simulators that contain eggs into the game keep the hardcore players grinding to get the best pet out of the egg.

Well, most of the users found a solution to use auto clicker which allows them to also grind while they sleeping but you also getting a benefit of having your player count high.

Update your game frequently

Try to update your game frequently if you want players to come back to your game. Add prizes to grind on, new upgrades so the users have to something to improve on if not it becomes dull.

Create 2x Game Events

Make a hype event notice how some of the games manage to get the players come back grinding more when there are 2x events and approach this very moment because there will be no more for some time. I suggest you do it when you see your gaming falling to back it up.

Rebirth System

Having an endless rebirth system will keep players for long and grind to be the top players in the global leaderboard. To Rebirth you have to reach the maximum stats and start all over again but it will speed up the progress and make you even stronger. This is especially useful for Simulators.

Trading System

Making a trading system is not a must but allowing people to trade their items or pets will create a market in the game with values that will encourage players to spend more time upgrading their inventory value and it will help you keep up with the growth since most Roblox games don’t last long in the popular page.

Add Social Media Links

Create an audience for the long run since it will help users get notified of the update or events that are coming soon. Here is the list of social media that you can add in your game:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Discord

There is a smart way of getting your fans to follow you. Create a Codes system in your game and get your fans to follow you so they get notified that there are new codes in the game. This works!

Make outstanding thumbnail and icon

How to make a front page popular game on Roblox

The game icon (512×512) is the first impression they see on the Roblox page. Make a game icon and a thumbnail that is colorful. I personally suggest you not to take screenshots instead of going to Blender and create renders and a thumbnail from there with lightning.

If you don’t know how to use Blender you can get a Designer to do it for you or you can go learn it from YouTube.

If you have made a brilliant game made from Roblox Studio and is ready to release in Roblox? Create a Roblox Ads strategy or get your game sponsored in the Roblox Platform. This is really effective if you trying to get exposure and is worth buying it since there will be players also sharing your game.

If your game managed to get over 1,000 Players playing after placing ads it will also help your sponsored ad come to the front page. You are looking around 50K to 100K Robux depends on how effective is your ads.

You can alternatively pay youtubers to make a video of them playing games.

Here is some articles that might help you get started with advertising.

We are also willing to help you gain some exposure if you have a finished potential good game for free Contact us in Discord.

Monetise your Roblox Game

Monetising your game is important which will help you manage the game, payout your developers, spend on advertising. Here are some ideas on how you can monetize your game:

  • Developer product that cost Robux to buy cash
  • Developer product for a better Upgrade
  • Game passes for 2x boost
  • Gamepass for more inventory or unlimited

The benefit for your players in having the gamepasses is to speed up the gameplay by spending some Robux. Read our Gamepass ideas list to make revenue.

You can also make users pay Robux to access the game just like Bloxburg did but personally, I wouldn’t recommend it since it requires you to have a game that is worth paying, and most games that are on the front page are Free to play.

I hope you have found this guide really useful. You can still make a decent amount of money with only 1,000 Players playing without getting to the popular front page of Roblox.

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