Last updated on July 29th, 2020 at 09:24 pm

Do you enjoy playing Adopt Me? And you would like to test your knowledge on Roblox Adopt Me to see how much answers you get them correct.

Let’s find out how good you are!

You can also check out the eggs and pets list

Comment down below your score out of /12! and suggest more questions that we can add to this Adopt Me Quiz.

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I got 8 / 12 right I was SOOO close

I have no idea because this game sucks xD

I got 9/12

i love iy

12/12 yes

it YAY

i got them all right i reckon im good at this game

I got all of them right I always play on adopt me it is my fav game does anybody have a cow pig or shadow dragon on adopt me my user is nainainewgame friend me if u have aby of theese

I got 8/12 🙁 I am not that good at adopt me, but I am ok I guess I have a neon kangaroo 😀 yay