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Enjoy playing Pet Simulator X but you are looking to step up your trading game, so you can collect more pets that you have never had, flip pets to gain more gems and get your dream pet. Check out our list of the estimated value list to get an idea of how to win or lose the trade.

Pet Sim X Trading Values Website

PetSimxTradingValues Pet Insight
Here is a link to PetSimxTradingValues that gives you further insight on the pet value indlucing how many exist in the game.

The trading system in Pet Simulator X makes it more exciting as it allows you to pay gems for pets and exchange pets. With this feature it allows you to buy exclusive pets that cost Robux with gems as there are players willing to sell their Robux Pets for Gems. This estimated Value list will guide you to get your dream pet for your inventory by trading the pets you have hatched or by buying them.

Disclaimer: The following Value List is estimated by recent trades from the BigGames Discord Server. And the Value list is not created by the Developers of the game is made by fans.

Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pet Value List

The Value list are split into 3 different sections, and are pets under 100 Billion Gems, 30 Billion Gems and 10 Billion gems. The following Value list is based on the amount of Gems Players from the Big Games Discord Server wants to buy it for.

List of Most Valued Pet Simulator X Pets

Here is a list of Most Valued Pets in Gems:

  • Huge Easter Cat – 5 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Cat – 3 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat – 2.6 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Tiedye Corgi – 3 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Santa Paws – 2.5 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Tiedye Cat – 2 Trillion Gems
  • Huge Dragon – 900 Billion Gems
  • Huge Dog – 900 Billion Gems
  • Huge Forest Wyvern – 650 Billion Gems
  • Huge Gargoyle Dragon – 615 Billion Gems
  • Huge Lucky Cat – 580 Billion Gems
  • Huge Storm Agony – 540 Billion Gems
  • Huge Pony – 450 Billion Gems
  • Blue BIG Maskot – 450 Billion Gems
  • Huge Rainbow Unicorn – 350 Billion Gems
  • Huge Festive Cat – 350 Billion Gems
  • Huge Super Corgi – 280 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Astra – 110 Billion Gems
  • Huge Cupcake – 70 Billion Gems
  • Huge Pixel Cat – 50 Billion Gems
  • Huge Hacked Cat – 35 Billion Gems

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Exclusive Pets under 200 Billion Gems

Exclusive Pets under 100 Billion Gems

Exclusive Pets under 50 Billion Gems

Overall Exclusive Pets Value Chart

Here is a chart of overall Exclusive Pets, this excludes Rainbow and Golden exclusive pets and they are in billions of gems. The graph may show an increase due to new exclusive pet has been added. For example on 01/02/2022 Hacked Cat has been added to the graph starting with 250 Billion Gems.

Pet Simulator X Mythical Pets Value List

What is the rarest pet in Pet Sim X?

As of now, the rarest pet is the exclusive Huge Pegasus with only 12 existing in the game!

Read this guide on how to secure your Roblox Account and prevent getting hacked to avoid getting your account hacked. And here is a code list for Pet Simulator X.
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hi give pets

thank you for the value list really needed it to sell and buy excluesife

because l needed to buy nyan cat because thats my favrite pet

and if u want to friend me my name is 1489Dominics


Selling yeehaw cat for 40M gems


anyone got yee haw cats or sock corgis?

I’m looking to get one I lost mine I had one sock corgi and one yee haw cat


Hi trading 8 dm foxes 😀

Add friend me if u want to offer exclusive Zangaming109

Hey ahm, finding some blob,stacked dodge,yeehaw. name your price i’ll buy it. just add me GeneralqJohn

Please offer my pet

my pet blobstein




Buying Exclusives Under 400m Gems 🙂
Add me : BoyGamingJ4 , Display name : BoyGaming4


trading 1.2 billion gems for a bunch of exclusives anyone than tell me !

Trading 268m gems for exclusives and pets user is :dondon599

@Stranger ill Buy your Yee haw cat for 40 million gems

hiiiii i need the value for the pog cat

Buying Rb galaxy fox offering dm ghoul horse and a rainbow parasite both with magnet. Once parasite dark matter it will do 140 billion damage. Trade inv me if yes!!

Please i need to sela pet

I agree

looking for exclusive pets budget is 100M-500M my username is rommellegs display name is SuperIdol

Selling my stacked dog. Just add me and pm me

Trading my 50m jems for good offer

Who will offer say abc

only for yeehaw cat and bit adds or forn rlly good offer

or for rlly good offer!!!

How much sea dragon


Last edited 8 months ago by Mikey

I need 1 rb fox galaxy

anybody selling exclusives for SUPER cheap i have 160 million gems

Pet simulator x

Dell sea dragon but its can only with bank 1 on stock!!

Dm me on roblox name is IkbenJethroFlippo
Display name is bubby_nl


who got yee haw cat for 61m gems

trading 200m gems want to offer user:master_maxp

im good

Trading blue fuffy for 7.5m gems

selling my gold alien parasite

selling my gold alien parasite!!! for my little sister!😟

looking for dm ghouls or normal im giving the amount of gems based on this value list

im gonna be selling wicked angelus when its tradable looking for people with legit gems none dupe