Last Updated on July 29, 2020

Exhausted of being scammed in Roblox Adopt Me? And you want to prevent getting your pets, toys and other inventory getting scammed.

You are in the right guide! In this guide, we will cover most of the common scams in 2020!

As you know in Adopt Me scams are very common. In fact, there are thousands of players complaining that they got scammed and sadly most people are not able to recover the pets.

But in this guide, we are going to cover most of the types of scams in Adopt Me!

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Adopt Me Cross Trading Scam

There are many different common cross trading scams that happens very common, and people do actually fall for it.

Cross trading your pets for Robux, real money or trading for items from other games like bloxburg cash, bubble gum simulator pets, or any other game items is against the Roblox & Adopt Me Rules.

As you can see from the Tweet it can get your account terminated.

These rules are made for your safety since there will be no guarantee that you will get the pet you bought with other Roblox game items or sold your Adopt Me Pets for Robux.

The Selling Pets for Robux Scam

This scam happens very commonly in Discord Server or Roblox Adopt Me where they would offer for one of your pets and give you an unrealistic price for a pet like 1,000 Robux where they tell you to join a group with funds that are not theirs and ask you to add one of his alternative accounts(ALT) and give the pets first that they have offered and once you confirm the trade they will give the 1,000 Robux but at the end of the day the end up blocking you, unfriend you and don’t give your 1K Robux.

NOTE: Stay away from Unknown MiddleMan since it might be one of his friends working on the scam.

Buying Adopt Me Pets from Ebay in 2020

You do get pets or toys that you brought from eBay with real money, you get buyer protection that can help you charge-back if you have not received your pet or other virtual items.

However, the downside of buying Adopt Me pets on eBay can get your account banned if you get caught like a Youtuber Jeremy did. Here is a video:

As you can see The Adopt Me Team regularly track buyers and sellers which can lead to your account and get it banned because it is against their Term of Service.

Cash Register Scam

Cash Register is a very common scam that used to happen where they throw a party and tell everyone that they are selling Pets or items for an amount of cash. For Example, they might say:

Selling Legendary King Bee for 100 Bucks! Only 2 left


This makes people get in a hurry and join the part to be the first 2 people to buy the King Bees. Once they get their bucks they would leave the game and won’t give the pets as they promised.

NOTE: Cash Registers are not made to buy pets, toys or any other item if it was they would have added it would have been in the trading system.

Ice Cream Vans, Hotdog Stands, and Lemonade Stands Scam

This is a Similar Cash Register Scam but this time they will be using the Ice Cream Vans, Hot dog Stands, and Lemonade Stands. The scammer will be selling hot dogs, ice cream, or lemonade drink and say something similar to:

Whoever buys the most will win a legendary pet!


They will have one of the scammer friends helping him out with the scam, where the friend pretends to be the highest bidder which makes people bid more! Once they got enough Bucks they will leave the Server.

Pro Tip: Stay Away from these sort of scams.

More Adopt Me Type of Scams in Roblox

The i’m poor scam

If you have been playing the game for quite some time. You have definitely seen people claiming that they are very poor and they are most often in the lobby where they will sit around and beg for pets, some even look for ultra-rare or legionaries and say something like:

Can i please have a legendary pet? that’s my dream pet. I never had one ;(


They won’t stop begging if you have really good pets till they get the pet they want. Stay Away from them since most of the new players would try to open the eggs by themselves and hatch them.

I got Scammed/Hacked Scam

This is a linked scam to the Poor Scam where they claim that their pets got stolen, hacked or scammed out of their inventory. And they would like to get the pets back from you and wont stop giving the sad faces.

Borrow pet to give Ride or Fly Potion to the Pet Scam

The scammer will notice one of your legendary pets and promise you that if you let them borrow the pet they will make the pet Flyable and Ride-able for free. They would not give the potions to you. Once they have received one of your pets they will leave the game and move on to the next server.

Trust Trade Scam

This is a scam that most people that complained that fall for often in the Roblox Adopt Me Game. Where the Scammer asks you to trade first your most valuable pet or more pets and accept with an exchange of trash pets for the sake of trust. Once they have got your pet or toys they will leave the game.

Note: Please just don’t fall for this, a stranger cannot be trusted.

The YouTube Video Scam

In this scam and Alternative Account(ALT) pretends to be a Youtuber and ask for people’s help that they need to borrow Legendary Pets for their video to showcase. Some people fall for this scam since they really would like to meet a YouTuber with fame whether they know them or no.

Duplicate Pets Glitch Scam

In this Pets Glitch Scam, they will claim that they found a glitch and they can duplicate people’s pets. They especially look for ultra-rare or legendary pets. They might also bring a friend and claim they have got their pets duped to gain your trust. One they received the pets they will pretend that they are duping and leave the game.

How to Prevent this? To prevent this scam don’t give your pets since it is not possible to make a dupe pet. And Stay Away from them.

Can you get your scammed pet back in Adopt Me?

If you get scammed and you want the pets back like most people want to recover the pet. The answer is you cannot get the pets back since it is your fault that you got fooled, the moderators cannot help you with that. You are responsible for what you give. However, if you trade your pets by only using the Trading System you will not get scammed!.

Hopefully, you have at least learned something from this guide on how you can prevent getting scammed in Roblox Adopt Me. Please share this guide to raise awareness of these scams.

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Ebay scams are safe bc just put the alt account username then u get the pet from the alt account then trade the pet u brought to ur main account then the alt account get banned

Everyone should get scammed atleast once in their lifetime to learn their lesson :))