Last Updated on March 18, 2023

Making or planning your Roblox Game available for free of Robux?

However, you are looking to generate revenue out of your game with gamepasses to payout your developers, advertise your game to get more exposure, and make a living out of it.

You are not alone. This is what most Roblox Studio developers are doing to grow their game out and make progress.

We have got you a list of game pass ideas for your Roblox Game. Make sure you know what your game is about beforehand or you can go read our Game Ideas List to make from Roblox Studio.


Roblox Gamepass Ideas list

As you know gamepasses are there to make a source of Robux income. Game passes are there to help speed up the progress of the player in your game or give a special perk. The following list is gamepass ideas for common game genres.

Roblox Simulator

Roblox Simulator gamepass idea list

Simulator games are endless progression games. It involves players to click or collect certain objects like coins to buy upgrades or backpacks. The Backpacks have a limit of the number of coins they can collect which requires them to upgrade their backpacks. Here is a list of game pass ideas that will help them progress through the game:

  • Sprint: Sprint will allow the player to collect the coins at a faster rate.
  • 2x Coins: The 2x game passes gives the twice amount of coins they would usually get.
  • Infinite Bakcpack: The Infinite Backpacks allows them to get an endless amount of coins without a limit.
  • Multi Egg: The Multi Egg Game pass opens 3 eggs instead of one which helps them get more pets in a single click.
  • Auto Egg Opener: This feature allows the players AFK grind which means they can save a lot more time and do other tasks like homework, get some food.
  • Inventory Slots: Adding this feature will increase the capacity of tools or pets they can have in their inventory to create more space.

Tycoon Game

Roblox Tycoon Gamepass ideas

Players objective in Roblox Tycoons is to complete their base or factory to build their empire. Where they have to spend cash on droppers to make more in game cash. Here are few game pass idea that your players will find pretty useful:

  • Auto Money Collection: This is a feature that adds check to your current balance which means they don’t have to go all the way to the cash machine and come back to upgrade the drops.
  • Cash Booster: This gives a % higher then they would usually get which allows them to earn more cash in the Roblox game.
  • VIP: The VIP perk gives you access to special tools and a Vip nametag on the chat.
  • Radio: There are few models in Roblox library that you can use to create this feature which allows them to listen to music while they playing the game.


Roblox Obby Game Pass Idea

Obbies is a common Roblox game where players have to go though different obstacles to win the game and get rewards at the end of the obstacle. Here is a list of some gamepass ideas that you can create for your game:

  • Grapple Hook: This gamepass allows users to get anywhere close to them.
  • Fliying Carpet: The carpet can get you to skip all the obstacles.
  • Gravity Coil: The Gravity Coil is a gear that allows people to jump. even higher and reduce a % of the weight.
  • Double Jump: You are probably familiar with this feature in most games which makes you jump even higher if you jump twice.

How to come up with Roblox Game Pass Ideas

Coming up with Ideas for your game is not as easy but if you ask yourself

What perks can you give to make faster progress?

Asking it to yourself will give you some ideas. Alternatively, you can join the Discord Server or ask your friends to give you some ideas.

Personally, we suggest you see what similar game genres are offering. And game passes are not the only way of making an income out of your game you can also do them by making developer products.

Hopefully, you have found this list useful you can also go check how to make your game popular in Roblox 2020. Comment down below if you would like custom ideas for your game or you have suggestions.

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