Love playing Roblox BubbleGum Simulator & you looking for one of the top 10 best pets in bubble gum simulator? To help you trade for one of the best stats in the game in order to advance your bubbles, coins, gems, bricks, candy, shells and more!.

The Best BubbleGum Simulator pet in Roblox Now

List of Top 10 Best Pets in Bubble Gum Simulator

The following list is the Top 10 pets in Bubblegum Simulator. From Quretic.

1. Kraken

The Kraken is the only most powerful secret limited pet in Bubblegum Simulator excluding Silently’s pet. Kraken can be hatched by opening 400M Egg Event.

2. Lord Shock

The biggest pet in Bubble Gum Simulator. The pet can be obtained by opening the Summer Event Egg. Lord Schock is the most powerful Shock out there.

3. Gryphon

Reskin of Leviathan known as the rarest pet in the game. The Secret Pet obtained by opening Ancient Egg from Atlantis.

4. Giant Pearl

Gained by opening Coral Egg. The pet is rarer than Gryphon. Giant Pearl has an x4,275 Pearls

5. Easter Basket

Secret limited Easter Basket came out in Easter as a limited egg. The Easter Basket is the most valuable pet in Bubblegum Simulator.

6. Trophy

The trophy is one of the most valuable pet just like Easter Basket & is rarer than Easter Basket. Inside the trophy pets, there is the rarest pet in game Leviathan and also has the limited Soul Heart from Valentines Egg.

7. Pot O’ Gold

The Pot is O’ Gold is a luxurious gold inside the pot & on top, it has a rainbow between the 2 clouds. People were able to obtain by opening Lucky Egg.

8. Sea Star

Sea Star from Beach Land is a model of yellow XP Star. The Sea Star gives 3,245x shells and +3,275 bubbles.

9. Platinum Overlord

Platinum Overlord is legendary from limited 400M Egg, this is the only non-secret pet from top 10 best pets.

10. Soul Heart

Known to be the best Toy land pet in bubble gum simulator by having 3,333x Blocks.


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