Why the new Aladdin movie looks more Indian than Arabic?

Wondering why the new 2019 Aladdin movie looks more of an Indian Culture than more Arabic culture?

Why the new Aladdin movie looks more Indian than Arabic?

Many Aladdin fans are disappointed after they watched the new movie because they expected the film to be more of an Arabic vibe than Indian vibe & also because they wearing more of Indian Bollywood traditional Clothes which left them confused & very unexpected.

Fans kept them wondering “Where is Agrabah from the original movie?” Many people assume the fictional city is located somewhere in The Middle East.

However, Laben is still with Arab references. There is a Sultan instead of Emperor, making Aladdin set in the Middle East.

Where Is Aladdin Originally from India, Arab or China?

According to Quretic researchers, Aladdin is the son of a deceased Chinese tailor in the Original Story. The clothing, buildings and the theme are basically just like Western China. However many people can argue why his name is Arabic & not Indian or Chinese.

Some of the difference between the New 2019 Aladdin Movie & 1992 Film

There is a huge difference between the Original Aladdin movie & the remake version ( The New Film ).

  • 1. Jasmine does not give an apple to the young child instead she steals bread and gives the bread to the child.
  • 2. Jasmine being nervous to use a stick to jump from a building to another building makes a huge difference because in the animation she was always fearless.
  • 3. The new character is created in the remake called Dalia, Jasmine handmaid. Creating a change in the story of Aladdin because, In the animation version, there is no Dalia because the character does not exist.
  • 4. In the new movie, it tells us that Jasmine mother is dead and was not killed But in the original movie tells us she was killed.
  • 5. Aladdin does not steal any bread at the beginning but in the animation, he stole bread at the start.
  • 6. Jafar is the one stealing the lamp from Aladdin, not Lago.

Hopefully, you found this article useful and got some information on why some people think Aladdin looks more Indian than Arabic.