Last Updated on October 3, 2020

If you play Roblox for a while, you know how alarming it is when many innocent people are getting hacked and you don’t want to be the next victim since you may have Robux, game pets, limiteds, good progress in games or anything that thieves would like to steal from you.

How to Secure Your Roblox Account and Prevent Getting Hacked 2020

In this guide, we will cover how you can secure your Roblox Account, prevent getting your account hacked, and how to recover your account if you got hacked.


How to make your Roblox Account Secure

First of all, make sure you have a strong password. The harder your password is the harder it will be for people to guess your password or even brute force.

Here is a checklist that makes your password stronger:

  • Make your password longer not short (12-15 characters long). Go beyond the eight-character minimum.
  • Include Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Doing this will make it harder to crack your password.
  • Don’t use the same password as other platforms but make a different one.
  • Don’t include personal information like date of birth in your passwords.
  • Don’t tell anyone your password, only you should know the password.

Once your password is secure follow all these Security methods to ensure your account is safer.

Verify your email and enable 2-Step Verification

Verifying your Roblox Account email will allow you to recover your account if you forget your password or if you need it to contact the Roblox Support to show that this account belongs to you. Go to Settings > Account Info and then add or update your email and resend a verification to your email to verify.

If you also have a phone number use it to add an alternative way to verify your account.

How to enable 2-Step Verification in Roblox?

Enabling 2 Step Verification (2SV) in Roblox will prevent unauthorized devices to log into your account with your password. When someone logs in to your account it will send an email from Roblox a new security code to verify that is you.

Go to your Account Settings Once you there follow the following steps:

How to Secure Roblox Account and enable 2 step verification
  • Go to the Security
  • Enable the 2 Step Verification
  • Tap OK once you enabled the 2SV and now you will receive a new security code every time you log in from a different device.

Create a Roblox Account PIN

Enable Account PIN to lock the account from doing changes from your Account Settings. This feature prevents changing the password, email address, it requires the pin to be able to do these changes. This will prevent hackers that manage to get into your account not able to change the account settings unless they know the PIN.

Here is how you add a Security Pin:

  • Go to Account Settings
  • Once you in Account Settings go to the Security Tab.
  • Scroll down to Account Pin and enable it.

It will pop up a tab to create a 4 digit pin:

How to add Security Pin lock in Roblox Account

Make a PIN that is not commonly used, avoid putting your date of birth or common numbers do put a combination of different numbers.

Log out of your account when you are done playing

Yes, log out of your account especially in places like school, library, or a friend’s computer to prevent other people from using your Roblox account.

How to prevent getting your Roblox Account hacked?

The reason most people have got hacked is that they have fallen into some scams where they claim to give you free Robux, free adopt me legendary pet or some sort of generator that gives you countless Robux but in reality, they steal your cookie or your login.

Here is a list of common scams that gets your account stolen.

Roblox Phishing Links Scam

Phishing links known as fake Roblox links are getting very common in social media platforms like Discord. These sorts of scams are commonly targeted people that are rich in Robux, limiteds, or adopt me legendary pets.

Roblox Phishing links pretend to be Roblox and usually, they would send you a fake Roblox profile to add them as a friend or to join their VIP server to do a trade or they would say something like they have won a prize. Here is an example:

Roblox Adopt Me Phishing Link Scam hack

Once you go into the phishing link it will ask you to re-login to play the game or add them as a friend. Once you put your login they would receive your log in this includes Username and Password. Enabling 2 step verification will prevent these people from gaining access to your account even if they know your password.

How to take fake Roblox websites offline?

You can take malicious websites down by reporting it as abuse. You have to run a whois lookup. Paste the phishing domain and it will give the domain registrar and hosting information. Report it to both to take the website down to prevent other innocent people from getting hacked.

Send an email to the abuse department and make sure you provide detailed information that includes:

  • Why this website is malicious and lets them know they pretending to be Roblox
  • Working phishing link to send it as evidence
  • Screenshots

Here is a template that you can use, make sure you replace the brackets () to the one you reporting:

Hello, I came here to make a complaint of an abusive phishing domain (Put the domain here) that attempted to steal my Roblox Account login.
This website is pretending to be a Roblox game (paste the VIP link here) where it asks for peoples login details in order to play the game. Once someone puts their Username and Password they are able to gain unauthorised access and steal goodies from the account.
This is time sensitive since they have not only sent it to me but they are approaching for other innocent people. The faster the phishing website gets taken down the less innocent people will be hacked from this website.
Thank You.

Hope that helps adding more detail the better it will be for them to understand.

The MGUI Scam

This MGUI Scam known as Maintenance Graphical User Interface is used to trick people like the phishing links where an advertised or sent from a Discord Bot that promises you that you will get free Robux, adopt me legendary pets or a big prize if you play the game.

Once you join the Roblox Game it will ask you for your Username and Password to receive the desirable reward. Here is an example:

The MGUI Roblox Scam that ask for your account login to get hacked

Once you press login they will receive the login details and be able to get unauthorised access to your account and trade items to their alt account.

Enabling 2 FA verification will prevent them from login in to your account and get hacked. Roblox will not ask for your login inside a roblox game.

The JavaScript Scam

This scam is a cookie logger where it runs a code that steals your cookie. They will ask you to paste something starting with javascript: at the beginning in the browser URL and just like other scams they promise they will give you free stuff or name it as some sort of followers gain bot. If someone manages to steal your cookie log out and re login to reset your cookie.

Some chrome extensions may also steal your cookies and are suggested to remove the Roblox extensions that are not coming from a trusted source since they may be harmful.

Robux Generator Keylogger Program

If you have been in Discord for a while some people may have messaged you a .exe file that gives you free Robux or it generates something. It can be named anything that you need. There are some people spreading malware or keylogger that can steal your Roblox account or do even worst.

Most of these scams that steal your account requires social engineering where they pretend to be friendly and try to manipulate you to download malicious files or fall for one of their scams.

How to recover your hacked Roblox Account

You can recover your hacked Roblox account if you have the verified email with you to identify you own the account. If you didn’t add an email to your account you can alternatively use the billing email for the very first payment made on the account to recover your account.

You can reset your password if it has been changed if you are not able to contact the Customer Service.

Note: If your game inventory has been stolen, Roblox cannot help you with that but you can contact the game but is unlikely to get the items back.

What to do if your Roblox Items and Robux has been stolen?

If you have lost your items like limiteds or Robux contact Roblox Customer Service. You can only recover these items if your account has been compromised and if you notify Roblox within 30 days. For more information click here.

We really do hope it helps and comments down below for questions to be answered! Check out more content through our Roblox Category and let us also know if you have learned something in our Discord Server. Please share this guide to your friends to prevent them from being the next victim.

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